Book Reviews – Where’s Spot?


This book concisely addresses the existential crisis of the main character – a dog that has had to live and cope with a congenital skin defect that ended up defining him. The story starts with rebellion against his oppressors, who force his “dinner” upon him. In response, Spot goes into hiding, fearing for his life. Eric Hill’s portrayal of this one dog’s struggle is powerful in its graphic detail of the various places his owners search for him in, keeping the reader on edge whenever a cupboard is opened. How long will Spot stay one step ahead? What is Spot willing to do in order to escape? And if he gets caught, what will he have for dinner? Despite the gripping narrative, at 24 pages there is little room for plot development, leaving many plot holes unanswered – such as that presented in the cover: the protagonist is clearly looking for something despite the story hinging around the search for Spot.

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