Increase the length and strength of your password – guaranteed!



Having trouble keeping your security rating up? Mail clients complaining that your password’s too short? Here at Symantec we have the solution to your problems: Keyalis generates secure 32-character passwords that will satisfy even the most demanding of registration screens that want capital letters, numbers and non-alphanumeric characters. Utilising the very latest in heuristic algorithms, Keyalis’s passwords are 100% harder (to guess) than those generated by other methods like using your porn star name or favourite football team – or the money siphoned from your bank account back guaranteed*. But don’t believe us, listen to the reviews of our customers:

“I was having trouble in the bedroom, and then in the living room when I moved my laptop downstairs. Keyalis solved all my problems overnight!”
– Anonymous

“Keyalis has given me the the confidence boost in online shopping that I desperately needed.”
–  Still Understandably Anonymous

Order now with the coupon code 1HA5P and receive a free week’s subscription to Norton Internet Security.**

*Guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, unless you’re in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.
**Not actually secure.
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3 thoughts on “Increase the length and strength of your password – guaranteed!

  1. Eagle Tech says:

    Not would a 32-char password make your stuff secure from hackers, it would be so unmemorable it would be secure from you! Love it.

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