Saudi Arabia offers Egyptian sheikh asylum

The government of Saudi Arabia has offered Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah political asylum after his home country’s government issued an arrest warrant for advice he gave on how to handle female protesters  – a significant problem in countries that frequently oppress their women, but do a poor enough job of it that they can complain about it.

Abdullah, also known as Abu Islam, claimed on his private television channel that rape of female protesters was ‘halal’, though off camera he clarified this statement by asserting “not if the women look like pigs”. This statement was considered too extreme even for Egypt’s incumbent Muslim Brotherhood, leading to the warrant which has prompted the Saudi government to take action what it sees as an “unjust punishment to a reasonable viewpoint”. In fact, officials have gone as far as to recommend Abdullah for a position that’s opened up in one of the their think tanks, as well as offering media censorship to quell any accusations that his recent tirade against Valentine’s Day was the result of being resentful about not getting laid.

Saudi Arabia, a world leader in men’s rights (behind only trailblazers Yemen and Pakistan), has considerable gender inequality matched only by the lopsidedness of their exports, which include oil and the occasional dried fruit.

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