Buy Chicken with a Conscience



You told us you were concerned about animal welfare, and we listened – we eliminated battery-farmed eggs and stocked more free-range chicken. You told us some more because apparently that wasn’t enough, so now ASDA is proud to introduce its latest addition to the poultry section – Chicken with a Conscience. We have stepped ahead of Tesco our competitors to eliminate the number one source of suffering in chickens – yes, one might say they’re also Chickens with a Consciousness because we have done away with the slaughtering process entirely. Our customers can buy safe in the knowledge that the chickens raised at our farms will enjoy the rest of their unnatural lives. Sound too good to be true? Hear the reviews we’ve had already from Barkingside store customers where we piloted the product:

“Now the only thing on my mind is how I’m supposed to get the feathers off.”
– Mark Wilkes, Essex

“This is awesome – a meal and an alarm clock in one! The snooze button only works once, though.”
John Smith, Essex

“Finally, something from the poultry isle I can buy.”
– A Vegetarian

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