Old man claims he was around for the Late Heavy Bombardment

"It's incredible how accurate the artists's impressions of it are - that's exactly how I remember seeing the Moon in the sky."

“That’s EXACTLY what it looked like. These artists’ impressions are incredible.”

An avid reader of Wikipedia has been regaling his friends and relatives with theory of the Late Heavy Bombardment – a period during Earth’s history when it was- in so much detail he believes was present for it. Mark, 56, ambushed a reporter for The Enzyme, who was busy investigating something more newsworthy: “Yeah, it was about 4 billion years ago, I remember all these bloody asteroids kept smacking into the Earth every century or so. I can’t remember exactly what the landscape looked like, though – but I do know it was practically inhospitable to life. A bit like my wife, really. My son keeps telling me that I was never there, but how else would I know about it? I have literally no memory of ever reading it on the internet. I don’t know about any Early Heavy Bombardment, though – it must’ve happened before my time.”

However, his son assured the rest of his family that he isn’t losing his memory: “He regularly binges on Wikipedia and TVTropes, to the point that his brain can only remember the things he’s read, not where he read them. At least when he’s making ridiculous claims they’re factually correct.”

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