Christopher Hitchens still winning debates against opponents


This picture just invalidated your pro-circumcision stance.

It has been revealed that the late Christopher Hitchens, inventor of the Hitchslap, remains considerably successful in holding his ground in debates, despite the handicap of being dead.

Traditionally, people who can argue (or at least shout big words eloquently enough) lose the ability to win once they die, since the part of the brain involved in verbal reasoning permanently shuts down. However, in Hitchens’s case this has only slowed him down slightly: a few critics have managed to get a word in edgeways against him but on the whole nobody can match him on such controversial topics such as “Mother Teresa being a filthy whore” and the war in Iraq. The journalist’s charisma and wit are so strong even post mortem that visitors to his grave report being overwhelmed by an urge to renounce whatever religion they follow, just as they’re about to finally tell Hitchens what they really thought of his tirade against it.

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