New Pokemon games never meant to be called XY


Too much pressure.

Today saw the launch of Nintendo’s latest in an increasingly long line of games of the Pokémon franchise, which includes the Mega Evolutions to appeal to older players who are really too old to still be interested in the kid’s game, and at the same time to relieve the pressure on designers to come up with original concepts that don’t look like Digimon.

The naming of Pokemon X & Y appears to show a return to the trend of using abstract dichotomies after the back-to-basics Black & White of the previous installment, but it was revealed today among the frenzy of the games hitting the shops that X & Y were never meant to be the games’ final names – but were merely placeholders while the game designers came up with something appropriate. Satoshi Yakamoto, one of the artists for the game, revealed the truth after running out of things in the game to leak to fans. “It has nothing to do with genes or Mewtwo being our mascot Mega evolution. The template for the game description was sent down to marketing so that they could throw some ideas around and come up with a catchy title, but they either thought that single letters were sufficient for the title of an entire game or they thought that the creative director did.”

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