Madeleine McCann’s parents offering £40,000 to informants to shut up


Following the Metropolitan Police’s reward of £20,000 to anyone with information leading to the arrest of Madeleine McCann, the parents of Portugal’s most wanted 10-year-old have provided a counter-offer to anyone with such information to keep it to themselves.

The recent fresh appeal to the public for information received such a positive response that Kate and Gerry McCann are now worrying that they might be approaching closure on the incident, and offered £30,000 to anyone who had any conclusive information. The offer was then raised to £40,000 after a man claimed to be one of the kidnappers but then got arrested for perjury because he wasn’t, and was just sick and tired of reading it in the news. When Kate was asked about her motivation behind offer, she gave this emotional response: “The media frenzy surrounding the kidnapping has, in a weird way, come to replace Maddy in our hearts in her absence. To think this might actually end is unthinkable.”

Many have criticised the move by the couple from Leicestershire, pointing out that it will encourage people to monetise the kidnapping of an innocent child, and more importantly be a huge financial drain as there is little stopping anyone from coming forward with bogus information. Kate responded by saying: “It’s a loss-leader. I’ll make it all back with a few book and movie deals.”

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3 thoughts on “Madeleine McCann’s parents offering £40,000 to informants to shut up

  1. janet says:

    This sort of crap should only be in the bin

  2. martin hayward says:

    they should charge parents with child abuse leaving your kids alone unsupervised is shocking the only looser here is that poor little girl god knows what has happened and i wish it all comes to light but if they were not left by bad parents that poor lass would be ok , charge the parents with child neglect .
    i have 3 kids and wouldn’t dream of leaving them ever never mind for a drink and a meal .

  3. Barry Newman says:

    The Metropolitan Police spent £10 million of taxpayers’ money looking for the child. They were ordered by David Cameron to do this. What about all the other children that go missing every year. Would there have been such a “hue and cry” if Madeleine would have been a non-white child from a council estate?

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