Commuter buys spacious 3-bedroom house in geostationary Earth orbit


Rising house prices have forced those looking to get on to the property ladder to set their sights farther afield, with some first-time buyers making their first purchase as many as 40,000 kilometres up from the capital.

£100,000 can now buy you a semi-detached three-bedroom house in orbit around Earth. “It’s nice and quiet out here in deep space.” says Mary, a 25-year-old IT consultant based in Bank. “I don’t have to worry about snooping neighbours or crime, if I give myself an aerodynamic profile I can get to London in about 30 minutes. It’s also a lot more convenient for weekend excursions to the Moon and the rest of the Solar system.”

Living outside of the Earth’s atmosphere is not without its disadvantages: the lowered cost of housing is offset somewhat by the expensive shields she has had to buy to defend from cosmic radiation. “There’s also the cost of getting out of Earth’s gravity well five days a week- have you seen the price for solid-rocket boosters these days? It’s almost as expensive as rent in London. Although, I’m hoping that there’ll be a space elevator service within the next decade or so which will really save me on transport.”

With space for housing quickly running out in London and its suburbs, the only direction left to build in is up, so Mary is hoping that her initial investment will pay off in the long run. “I was initially going to buy in the upper stratosphere but on a £25k salary it was out of my price range.”

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