Scientist completes painstaking reconstruction of graphite block from sheets of graphene


Graphite consists of billions of billions of layers of graphene stacked on top of each other.

A researcher in London has made waves in the materials science community – by building a block of graphite from graphene.

The material holds several advantages over its constituent: it’s much easier to manufacture and handle, as well as having several established uses and widespread knowledge of its properties. “Graphene is a fickle piece of shit. It potentially can do this, that and the other but it’s no use if we can’t get big enough pieces of it. That’s another advantage of graphite: there’s virtually no upper limit to its size. It’s like Lego except we have a limitless box of bricks.”The hard part will be pulling it apart again. “My supervisors aren’t interested in graphite’s uses as a lubricant, refractory material or writing implement. Apparently they want the graphene back so they can build transistors that blow silicon chips out of the water.”

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