Polio victim breathing in iron lung thankful his social skills weren’t hindered by vaccine


Polio has been all but eliminated across the world, leaving it with overpopulated with healthy yet socially inept people

A 64-year-old man speaking in Morse code using blinks feels like he ‘dodged a bullet’ when his parents opted out of vaccinating him against polio, among other life-threatening diseases.

Jim Sturm, born in 1959, was among the first generation to have access to the vaccine of polio, a viral disease that can cause nerve damage and paralysis in victims. However, his parents refused doctors to administer the vaccine because during their summer holiday in Madrid a fortune teller told them that they would need to make a very important decision about their child that involved pointed objects.

“I’m glad that my parents stood up against 400 years of modern medicine and the scientific method, else I might be here right now avoiding your stare and talking about train timetables. Instead, I’m a fully-functioning human being who has little trouble communicating with you but simply requires the aid of a 7-foot metal tube to meet one of my most basic human needs.” Jim’s friends describe him as ‘outgoing, gregarious and sociable’, pointing out that being able to hold a conversation for more than five minutes is an absolute necessity in order to play off the awkwardness of having a care worker wipe your arse for you. One of his friends sometimes wished he did get vaccinated, though: “Being a bit more introverted would really suit Jim, since we can’t always keep him company.”

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