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Baghdad Bob hired as Mt. Gox’s PR manager

“Mt. Gox is not insolvent. Your bitcoins and funds are safe with us and will be returned to you immediately.”


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Cosmologist dies of alcohol poisoning after approximating vodka to water


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“Laurence Fishburne and Samuel L Jackson are both characters I play” – Eddie Murphy


Following Sam Rubin’s faux pas of confusing Laurence Fishburne with Samuel L Jackson live on KTLA, Eddie Murphy has come forward in his defense by admitting that they are both in fact the same person – Eddie Murphy himself.

The Hollywood star and former stand-up comedian revealed that Fishburne and Jackson are just two more in the list of characters that he has donned a disguise as, which include Sherman Klump from The Nutty Professor and Norbit Rice from Norbit.

“The truth is, neither of them are real, I’ve been playing both of them for the past 30 years. I’m probably going to have to retire them now though, thanks to Rubin basically blowing my cover somehow. How did he find out? I took special care to ensure that two neither look nor sound like each other at all. I guess I’ll have to bust out my fat suit and make a Nutty Professor reboot with Martin Lawrence now.”

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