Scientists fear Stephen Lawrence story “may never be completely eradicated”


The Lawrence story has steadily developed a resistance to competing new stories over the past 20 years.

Following revelations that Stephen Lawrence’s family was spied upon by the Metropolitan police, scientists and media experts have speculated that the overall story of Stephen Lawrence’s murder may never fully fade from the public eye.

The story, that the Lawrence family is another group of people added to the 60 million or so others that are already being spied on in the UK, has somehow made it to the first page of BBC news and other reputable news outlets. This comes despite the media frenzy surrounding the unfolding conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which has created a news environment hostile to pretty much any other news story. Peter Whitfield, media health scientist for the BBC, is worried by the story’s ‘exceptional virulence’.

“Since the first outbreak of the story in 1993 we’ve been trying to contain it, but its racially charged nature and highlighting of corruption amongst the police force in the UK. Since then we’ve had terrorist attacks, a disease you get from beef that has a 100% mortality rate, even more political corruption, worldwide economic meltdown, and these things did keep Stephen Lawrence’s murder at bay – for a while. The threat of Russia invading Ukraine has the potential to trigger World War III: there is no bigger story we can possibly throw at this thing to thwart it, yet it’s already spread to the front pages of every major newspaper in this country. We may have to live with the fact that newspapers will never completely stop mentioning Stephen Lawrence.”

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