Sight of make-up-free women alerts man to the horrors of cancer


A healthy, unidentified man in his late 20’s was suddenly stricken with grief this morning, when the numerous images of women without make-up on his Facebook feed reminded him of the crushing horror that cancer inflicts on its victims.

“Before today I went about my life without giving so much as a second thought to cancer, how it afflicts 1/3 of every person alive at some point, or that there are several types of it that are aggressive and almost impossible to cure. But seeing all these pictures of my friends, family and ex-girlfriends without make-up really drove it home for me. I’m going to make a sizeable donation to cancer research immediately.”

The man, who prefers to stay anonymous, admitted that he previously never even considered donating to charity, and is grateful for the internet phenomenon for opening his eyes to the power that crowdsourced donations can make. “I’m confident that if this trend continues we’ll be able to eliminate cancer entirely, just like we got rid of Joseph Kony this time two years ago.”

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