Jeremy Clarkson urges people not to watch Top Gear at full volume


After being given a “final warning” by the BBC for saying the racial slur “nigger” on national television – immediate dismissal if he says anything offensive – long time presenter of Top Gear and eurosceptic Jeremy Clarkson has urged, for the sake of his career, that everyone watches his show with the volume turned down a bit.

In response to the BBC’s statement, Jeremy Clarkson asked everyone to show a bit of consideration by watching Top Gear as quietly as possible in order to avoid anyone potentially hearing anything else that’s discriminatory or racist that he mutters under his breath.  He added: “Ideally, you’d be watching Top Gear on mute: why should you even be paying attention to what we’re saying when the show is all about the cars? If you wanted to hear the banter of three middle-aged men who aren’t really that funny you can go to the pub.” The appeal came after Jeremy Clarkson’s realisation that his entire career revolves around being slightly offensive, and that the BBC will otherwise probably find at least five reasons to fire him in the next shooting of the show.

He also recommends the same for his apology video, because if you listen very carefully with the volume turned up high, you can hear his feet furiously backpedalling.


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One thought on “Jeremy Clarkson urges people not to watch Top Gear at full volume

  1. EagleAye says:

    Luckily, I’m not so easily offended. Anyone with half a brain can tell the crew of Top Gear don’t take anything seriously, especially themselves, so why should anyone get their panties in a bunch when far worse is regularly said in HBO comedy specials?

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