Richard Dawkins caught secretly worshipping God

Mass is held at 11am on Sundays at the church.

The service is held at 11am every Sunday at the church.

The author of “The Selfish Gene” and general bag of dicks to religious people was sighted in a a church attending Mass last Sunday, eye-witness accounts reveal.

Richard Dawkins was spotted at the All Saints Church in Notting Hill, London, mouthing the words to hymns, praying and taking communion along the other hundred or so faithful present. dressed in a coat with high collars and wearing sunglasses, attire that others considered unusual for summer and the indoors venue. One of the churchgoers reports that he approached Dawkins after the sermon to ask for his autograph, which he politely turned down claiming that he wasn’t actually Richard Dawkins, but gets ‘mixed up with him all the time’. However, following him to the Tube station he saw the lookalike take off his disguise where he could get full view of his face and confirm the man’s identity.

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