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Boyfriend uses Fifty Shades of Grey’s rape controversy to get out of seeing it with girlfriend


A man in North London successfully negotiated his way out of seeing Fifty Shades of Grey with his girlfriend thanks to the mixed messages it sends about rape and consent.

Jason, 27, reluctantly agreed to see the movie adaptation of E.L. James’s softcore rape fantasy novel when the cinema release date was announced, as it would make his girlfriend happier than him bored and angry. It also served as a two-hour respite from his single friends on Facebook using the day as a storm drain for the crushing loneliness they feel for the other 364 days.

However, the cinema release was surrounded by yet more controversy that revived the debate on how rapey the book is, getting people all tied up in knots who would normally object to that kind of thing. Jason managed to use this to convince his other half that as much as he was looking forward to the film with her, he could not see it because it is glorifying violence against women.

“Aside from seeing women possibly being raped making me uncomfortable, I really didn’t want to watch a film adapted from such a poorly-written book. The problem now is she might pull a similar stunt on me using vegetarianism for Steak and Blowjob Day.”


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