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UK prime minister wants backdoors into Creme Egg recipes or he’ll ban them


A Creme Egg consists of fondant encrypted in layers of chocolate and coloured foil.

David Cameron is threatening to ban Cadbury’s Creme Eggs unless the UK government gets access to the recipe for its chocolate.

Cameron’s statement comes after Cadbury’s confirmed that it would be changing the recipe for the chocolate used in the shell of Creme Egg, which sparked outrage among the British public who are presumably concerned that they might be trying to sneak some gluten or genetically modified gluten into it.

“The recent departure from the Dairy Milk recipe used in Creme Eggs demonstrated the threat to our enjoyment of Easter or whenever the hell they get sold, and the need for robust powers maintain its creamy goodness.”

Under the proposal, Cadbury’s would be faced with giving up its trade secrets in order to continue doing business in the UK. This would not only set a dangerous precedent that could go as far as the government demanding the formulas for Coca Cola and Pimms, but this violation of secrecy could even be extended to individuals and their right to have their text messages being read without some government employee nosing through them.

If Cadbury’s stick to their guns British consumers may be faced with the prospect of buying inferior Galaxy Caramel eggs this Easter.

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