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Top 5 sexiest pictures of Muhammad

After Charlie Hebdo’s controversial decision to leak nudes of Muhammad in their magazine, here are some more racy pictures of the prophet that you may have missed.





Here is Muhammad showing off his package. He must get stopped by airport security often – for having his junk mistaken for a bomb, or simply as an excuse to get their hands all over that sexy body.





Damn, look at those hazel come-to-bed eyes, and that flawless olive complexion that says “I’m a sexy and from the Middle East”. Our Prophet has never looked so good.





Or has he? It just goes to show what good it does to stick to Allah’s plan and keep away from drugs. Muhammad is a 100% halal slab of steak.





Here it is – Muhammad as nude as the day he was born, standing on top of a mountain for all the world to see his beautiful, muscular body. What a majestic motherfucker.





And finally, leaving nothing to the imagination. Oh yeah, look at that juicy piece of ass, you definitely want a slice of that. Muhammad is hot stuff.

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